June 17th: Fusion pro player Achilleas Diamantis, one of the top Greek guitar slingers, came to us with the wish to upgrade the pickups of his old Steinberger GP-2 (equipped with two Duncans), which is his main fusion-project guitar. His wish was a more open, yet dynamic sound. So, after dicussing and carefully hearing the guitar:
1. For the neck position, we proposed a GAS PAFoid N+ (A2), our standard model for an open, sweet, dynamic PAFish sound
2. For the bridge position, we created a custom humbucker model (called GASfusion), based on our PAFoid M, with balanced coils and A5 bar (RDC: 8,2kOhms), however with a special feature that Achilleas wished: The humbucker should have two screw coils (instead of one screw & one stud coil). We therefore put two different kind of fillister screws on it, the outer coil became our round head fillisters, for a more mid scooped sound (wished on such a position, close to the bridge), the inner coil became our flat-top fillisters, which do not affect the mids. This offers the ability to tune the balance between the coils (and, therefore, of the whole pickup) very precisely.
The result is a totally new sound: Full, sweet and dynamic on neck, open, dynamic and with great projection on bridge!!!

We are really happy to have Achilleas on board!!!